Castor Oil – a Proven Home Remedy For Skin Moles

Castor Oil – a Proven Home Remedy For Skin Moles

For those who suffer with benign (non-cancerous) moles, the problem can be embarrassing if the moles are in extremely noticeable places on the body or if there is a large amount of them. Many people choose to find a way of removing the unwanted lesions. Castor oil mole removal treatment is an alternative to the more well-known treatments such as:

  • Mole removal creams – There are many on the market with only a tiny percentage actually thought to be able to deliver on their promises. The cost of such creams is not cheap, especially if a person buys those which are not particularly effective.
  • Cryotherapy – The freezing of moles, warts and skin tags can be costly and in some cases leave scars which are even more unsightly than the moles were.
  • Laser therapy – An effective mole removal treatment which is again expensive with risks of causing scars.

Castor Oil

castor oilThe Castor plant can be found in Africa and certain areas of Asia. The oil is taken from the beans of the plant and over the centuries has been used in traditional medicine as a cure for a range of maladies. It is known commonly as a laxative but has been associated with relieving irritation in the eyes and encouraging the onset of labor in pregnant women.

In modern day society, the oil is used in a variety of cosmetic products as it is highly moisturizing for both the skin and hair.

How to Use on Moles

Castor oil is among the most common and most popular natural mole removal methods to use in the home due to its low cost, wide availability and ease of use in the situation. The oil is seen in many home remedy recipes as one of many ingredients, however it is effective just on its own as well.

  • Clean the area thoroughly with soap and water
  • Pat dry with a clean towel
  • Use a cotton wool swab to dab the oil onto the mole
  • Leave
  • Repeat twice daily, morning and night
  • Repeat over the course of a month

If the person wishes, they can cover the mole each time with a clean band aid after each application of the oil. Although there is no proof as such, there are anecdotes from people who believe that this method may decrease the time taken for results by up to a week.

When either method is used, the person should start to see a change in the mole after a week or so. The change will be noted in the size of the mole at first which will be smaller. After some time, the mole should fall off completely the skin beneath it will be slightly red with little or no tenderness.

This redness will go away shortly afterwards (around 48 hours) and new, healthy skin will be produced.

The benefits of such treatment are:

  • Cheap – Castor oil and cotton swabs are the only things needed for the process, with an optional extra of band aids.
  • Easy – The treatment can be carried out in seconds and easily incorporated into any normal cleansing routine.
  • No scars – Because of the gentle and gradual way in which the mole disappears, plus the fact that there is no cutting, there is no bleeding or scabs formed during the process. The lack of these things eliminates the possibility of scarring.