Cost Effective Ways to Remove Skin Moles

Cost Effective Ways to Remove Skin Moles

Moles can be a source of real frustration as they can appear almost anywhere on the body and in a multitude of differing shapes and sizes. It is when they appear on the facial areas that individuals can get the most concerned about them as this can very often lead to issues of self-confidence. Thankfully the vast majority of moles are harmless and pose no real threat to a person’s well being.

Today, many people are choosing to have their moles removed; in the past the route was mainly one of an expensive surgical type arrangement, however, nowadays there are plenty of more cost-effective home treatments that can be undertaken. A large number of people report each year that their particular method of skin mole removal is highly effective, as well as saving them large amounts of money from paying for surgical treatments.

What is the Cheapest Way to Remove Skin Moles?

Some of the best and cheap mole removal techniques for getting rid of unsightly skin moles can be as follows:

natural mole removal

  • Iodine: This easily found chemical has been known to work wonders in helping to reduce and remove skin moles. It is perhaps favored above some of the natural juices that can be used as it doesn’t tend to smell quite as much. This application works best over a 2 – 3 week period when it is carried out both in the morning and again at night time.
  • Castor oil plus baking soda: When mixed together into a thick paste, this works really well to help reduce the size of the mole. Simply apply to freshly cleansed skin and work the paste gently into the mole area; this can normally be carried out by using clean fingers. The paste should be left to dry and then it can be covered with a plaster or band aid. This process is normally repeated over the next week or so, after which time it is likely that the individual will see a dramatic reduction in the size of their mole.
  • Apple cider vinegar: This all natural product has worked wonders in reducing the overall size of moles for many different people. The simple procedure is as follows, wash the area concerned with warm soapy water, and then pat dry. Apply the apple cider vinegar either to a cotton ball or a pad and once applied the pad should be taped down; this can be done with the use of a band aid or similar.  This will help to ensure that the apple cider vinegar gets the opportunity to work deep down into the mole area; the procedure should be repeated each day, either in the morning or evening; after approximately 2 weeks there should be a noticeable size reduction in the mole.
  • Salicylic acid: This is an excellent treatment for many different skin issues; it has likely to be a key ingredient in many of the home treatments creams and lotions that are used for skin mole removal.
  • Vitamin C supplements: These are normally crushed and added to a small amount of water, then mixed into a paste. The offending mole area is smothered by the paste and left to dry. This process is best applied in the evening, prior to sleep. Ordinarily using the benefits of a Vitamin C supplement will help to reduce the size of the skin mole in just a few short weeks.

doctorOf course, there may be varying results for each individual with these methods; however, as they are so affordable it is normally possible to switch to another cheap mole removal method that you and your moles are more suited to.


As with any home treatment remedy, it is important to check the area concerned each day for signs of irritation. In the unlikely event that irritation does indeed occur then advice should be undertaken by either a health care professional or trained dermatologist.