Cutting off Your Skin Tags Can Result In Disaster

Cutting off Your Skin Tags Can Result In Disaster

Skin tags are small flesh colored skin lesions. They are small flaps of skin which protrude from the body and are attached by small stalks. They are, without fail, benign and cause no harm at all. However they can become irritating, which is the reason that many people may consider cutting off skin tags on their body.

What are Skin Tags Made of?

Skin tags are basically a mass of skin tissue, blood cells and collagen. It is thought that they are caused mainly by friction of skin rubbing on skin which is why they can often be found in places such as:

  • Neck
  • Armpits
  • Eyelids
  • Buttock creases
  • Beneath the breasts
  • Behind the knees
  • Stomach folds

Removal Methods

surgery for skin molesThere are various different types of removal methods for skin tags which involve either home remedies, over the counter products, or surgical procedures. 

  • Surgical procedures can be expensive but effective, with the likes of laser therapy leaving no scar at all which is especially good for the tags on the face.
  • Over the counter products are inexpensive and may be effective although some are better than others. For the most part they do not wield results as fast as the surgical procedures although there are some which claim to work within a few days. Some of these treatments may use harsh chemicals to strip away the layers of tissue of the skin tag whereas other treatments use natural ingredients to break down the tag.
  • Home remedies are by far the cheapest and as there is no risk of a skin tag being cancerous, many people choose to experiment with the home remedies before shelling out money on the more expensive treatments.

Cutting off skin tags may seem like an inexpensive and quick solution to the problem but in actual fact, it can result in disaster. For most people, they will read that all one needs to do is to take a good sharp knife, sterilize it and simply cut off the skin tag at its base. Unfortunately whilst the method itself may be just as simple as that, there is an abundance of risks which can come with it. These risks are made clear soon after the procedure has been carried out.

  • Excessive bleeding – Those who have reported using this method of skin tag removal all say the same thing; there was an excessive amount of bleeding from the tiny skin tag.
  • Infection – Cutting the skin in any way can lead to some form of infection. This is one of the reasons why people are shying away from the invasive procedures for such things and leaning more towards topical treatments and laser surgery.
  • Scarring – It is relatively easy, when trying to cut the tag off so close to the base to nick the skin around it and cause a scar. This scar is likely to be less flattering than the skin tag even.

Doctors do not cut skin tags off simply because it is not a safe way to remove this kind of skin lesion. There are plenty of methods which are much safer, easier and produce better results.