How to Remove Skin Tags With Dental Floss

How to Remove Skin Tags With Dental Floss

There are many things which sufferers of skin tags find annoying about the small growths. In particular, their presence on the face could be seen as unsightly whereas those which are in awkward places which are constantly being scraped and bumped can be painful. Trips to the doctors for such problems though, can often seem like a waste of time and effort on everyone’s behalf which is why many people opt to take the matter into their own hands by using such methods as dental floss skin tag removal.

What is a Skin Tag?

skin blemishA blemish is a small lump of flesh like tissue which protrudes from the body and is normally the same color as the surrounding area. All tags are thought to be harmless and benign. Unfortunately, because the growths do not pose any threat to a person’s health, little research has been carried out on exactly how the growths are formed in the first place. The most popular medical opinion is that the growths occur because of friction. This seems to be further supported by the fact that they are most common in the folds of the skin which naturally occur around the body.

Removal Using Dental Floss

Although these blemishes can be annoying for those who have them, in many people’s minds they do not warrant a trip to the doctors. Instead, a number of home remedies are used and on the whole, many are successful.

blemish tied with dental flossDental floss method is one of the favored home remedies as it is simple to do, cost-effective and above all, there is strong evidence to suggest that this method will actually work.

  • Tie a piece of dental floss as close to the body as possible, at the base of the blemish
  • Make sure it is tied as tight as possible
  • Leave and do not touch the blemish or floss again
  • Check daily to check on the progress and to make sure the floss is still in place
  • The tag should fall off within a week

It is thought that this simple method works by restricting the blood flow to the blemish, causing it to fall away from the rest of the skin. There shouldn’t be any bleeding with this method due to the blood supply being cut off to the area. As a direct result of this, there is little to no chance of scarring with this particular technique.

There are many home remedies for skin tag removal which are documented. For most of these methods, it is unclear whether or not they will work until the individual tries it for themselves. With dental floss skin tag removal though, the system has already been proven to work. Farmers have been using the same method to remove lambs tails for years.