Enjoy Sweet Success With Honey Mole Removal

Enjoy Sweet Success With Honey Mole Removal

People all over the world suffer from skin moles. Some of the skin lesions will not bother most people, yet there are those who seek to remove the dark colored growths in order to feel more confident or to be more comfortable. Of all the many solutions to the problem, honey mole removal has earned its place as one of the most reliable and popular treatments to remove skin moles.

Popular Methods

Understanding how a mole occurs is the key to understanding how the resolution works. Moles are simply a build-up of cells called melanocytes. These cells produce melanin which gives the skin its pigment or color. As the cells form a cluster, the concentration of pigment in one area causes the skin to darken in color and a mole appears.

With moles being a common problem for many people, more and more methods have been discovered over the years to remove the unwanted blemishes. These methods differ in many aspects and as such, appeal to people for different reasons.

  • Excision – This method sees a doctor or dermatologist remove the blemish by literally cutting it out. This method is extremely quick and effective but due to the invasiveness of the treatment, a scar is often left in place of the mole.
  • Cryotherapy – Here the blemish is frozen and removed. The freezing minimises the amount of bleeding after the process and serves to lessen the risk of scarring, though only slightly.
  • Over the counter products – Gels, lotions and other topical treatments are available from chemists. They are designed to be used at home by the patient in their own time. These treatments are not 100% guaranteed to work and can take considerably longer (anywhere from a week to a month) to work. However, there is considerably less risk of scarring and the procedure is completely non-invasive.
  • Home remedies – Natural home remedies are becoming increasingly popular for mole removal. This is because they carry around the same likelihood of being successful as the over the counter products, just as easy to use and yet they are considerably cheaper.

Honey for Mole Removal

Honey is high in antibacterial and antioxidant properties and is used in many solutions from healing cuts and wounds to helping cure a cold. In regards to mole removal, it is the enzymes contained within the sweet substance which go to work on the clustered cells of the mole. As the enzymes break down the cells, the mole disappears.

When using this remedy, it is better to use pure honey which can be found in most food shops.

  • Cleanse the skin around the skin blemish thoroughly. Plain soap and water is fine.
  • Put a small amount of honey on to a cotton wool ball and massage into the mole
  • Secure the cotton wool ball to the mole with a bandage
  • Leave overnight
  • Remove the bandage and rinse the area thoroughly in the morning

Depending on the size and color of your blemish (with large dark ones being the most stubborn), moles could be seen to disappear within two weeks.