3 Easy Tips to Prevent Skin Tags

3 Easy Tips to Prevent Skin Tags

Skin tags are completely harmless but terribly annoying flaps of skin which can hang from the body by a stalk. Knowing how to prevent skin tags is not easy as there is no clear cause and therefore no real way to be absolutely sure to prevent the lesions from appearing.

Understanding Skin Tags

Skin tags are lumps of tissue containing collagen, skin cells and blood cells. They are thought to be caused by either friction of skin rubbing on skin, hormone imbalances, genetics, age, or type two diabetes. The friction theory would easily explain the reason that these benign lumps of skin can be found most commonly in areas such as:

  • skin tagEyelids
  • Armpits
  • Behind the knees
  • Neck
  • Under the breasts
  • Creases beneath the buttocks
  • Creases in the stomach

All of the above are places where skin regularly rubs against other skin or on clothing, creating friction.

Just as a skin tag can be caused by friction, in some cases the same friction may actually cause the tag to rub off altogether. Much of the time, people may not even realize that they have a skin tag before it falls off again.


As mentioned, there is no sure fire way to prevent skin tags. Sometimes if one is going to appear, then it will just appear and of course some of the risk factors like hormone imbalances, age and genetics are unavoidable. However there are things which a person can do to minimize the risk of the annoying lesions appearing.

  • Gain and maintain a healthy weight – Extra roles of skin from being overweight can be a huge risk factor for skin tags. By taking exercise regularly, the whole body is kept healthy and a good weight can be maintained. Experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day is a great way to help fight off all kinds of different ailments from skin problems to heart disease. So even if a skin tag appears after exercising regularly, the rest of the body will appreciate the effort.
  • Wear loose clothing – Again, the friction from tight fitting clothing may be enough to cause a skin tag to appear. That is not to say that all items in the wardrobe must look like pajamas, but giving the skinny jeans a break or possibly undoing the top button of the shirt when possible might give some kind of relief to the skin and prevent tags from forming.
  • Eating healthily – This works two ways. Firstly, eating healthily will help maintain a decent weight, especially when coupled with regular exercise. Secondly, keeping an eye on blood sugar levels will prevent diabetes and as there is a strong link between the disease and the skin lesions, it is a good idea to avoid both.


Sometimes, it will be inevitable that a skin tag appears and there is nothing a person can do about that. However if the tag is causing frustration or the person is upset because of their appearance with the skin tag, there is an abundance of help available to remove the tag altogether.