No Scarring With Iodine Mole Removal Method?

No Scarring With Iodine Mole Removal Method?

Many people suffer with moles. It is said that most people will discover between 10 and 40 moles anywhere on their body before the age of 40. It is perhaps no surprise then that there is a plethora of home remedies giving people a cheaper alternative to being rid of the dark spots. Iodine mole removal has been gaining popularity amongst those who prefer to use such methods.

What is a Mole?

skin moleThere are certain cells within the body called melanocytes. These are the cells which carry the pigment that is responsible for giving hair and skin their color. Under normal circumstances, the cells are dispersed evenly around the body. A blemish occurs when the melanocytes group together in a cluster. It is this concentration of pigment in one place which gives moles their discoloration and why they are often a darker pink or brown color than the surrounding skin.

Why Use Iodine?

There are a number of different methods to remove moles including surgical procedures and pharmaceutical topical treatments. 

Surgical procedures including laser treatment are seen to be extremely quick and effective at removing the skin lesions, but carry a risk of leaving a scar in its place. The iodine mole removal method is one of the best of such home remedy methods for not leaving a scar. It is for this reason that many people prefer to use Iodine in the place of other popular treatments, though it is said to take slightly longer than other alternatives.

In terms of convenience, iodine tincture, which is used for the remedy, is widely available online and in land pharmacies at an extremely low price. 


One drop of iodine

Another reason that people find this particular method attractive for removal is its simplicity:

  • Clean the area around the mole
  • Pat dry with a clean towel
  • Put a drop of iodine tincture on the mole
  • Rub into the area using a small circular motion
  • Leave overnight
  • Rinse in the morning

Many people report seeing some kind of change to the color of the mole within a few days. The mole should lighten and fade in color over the course of time, taking anywhere from a week up to several months to disappear completely. The time frame largely depends on the size of the mole itself.

To prevent the iodine from staining the surrounding skin, it may be advisable to seal the area with petroleum jelly.

Does it Really Work?

Any method of skin blemish removal is not 100% guaranteed to be successful. Some people got fantastic results using this method, whilst others claim to see no difference at all. The benefit of using such methods as iodine mole removal is that if a person is unsuccessful, they will not be out of pocket.

It is largely agreed that freckle like moles do not react well to this method, but slightly larger moles can produce excellent results, fading to nothing over the course of time. This gradualness of the moles disappearance is thought to be the reason that there is often no scar left at all.