Ways to Avoid Getting a Large Skin Tag and What to Do If One Develops?

Ways to Avoid Getting a Large Skin Tag and What to Do If One Develops?

For most people a skin tag isn’t something that they should worry about too much as they tend to be quite small and not too noticeable; generally speaking they are the size of the end of a pencil. However, in some cases a skin tag can be quite a bit larger than that and depending on its location it can put a strain on the individual’s confidence levels.

Can Skin Tags Actually Grow in Size?

skin tag on eyelidIf you ask scientists this question one hundred times it is likely that you will get a majority of responses refuting this claim; however, this research hasn’t prevented a large number of people reporting that over time their own skin tags have grown in size, starting off as mentioned earlier, around the size of an end of a pencil and ending up to something that is as large as a grape.

In some very rare cases an individual might suffer from what is known as Fibroma skin tags, they are different from the more ‘normal’ types of skin tag lesion, in so much as can grow quite considerably and also it is very likely that there will be multiple versions of these large skin tags that the individual has to cope with.

Are There Ways to Avoid Skin Tags?

The quick answer to this question is, yes; however, for many people it can be difficult to put the methods into practice. Many healthcare professionals suggest trying the following things:

  • Lose weight: More often than not a larger skin tag is the result of the individual being overweight. Aside from the other obvious health benefits, proper weight control can be a very effective way to reduce the chances of developing large skin tags.
  • Keep the blood sugar level in check: Of course for some people this is easier said than done, especially for the sufferers of diabetes. It is thought that an individual who has poor control over their blood sugar level stands a much higher chance of having these larger skin lesions.
  • Eat healthily: A balanced diet is one of the ways in which a person can have a much greater control over their hormonal systems, when this is achieved there is less chance that there will be hormonal imbalances, which can be in themselves a contributory factor in larger skin tags forming.
  • Avoid steroids: Surveys have been carried out with steroid users, with a large number of people reporting a connection between having larger skin tags and their own steroid usage.

What Can I do to Remove Large Skin Tags?

Thankfully there is a range of both surgical and natural methods that can be highly effective in the task of removing these large skin tags.

Surgical methods:

  • surgeryFreezing: This method is referred to in medical circles as Cryotherapy; the skin tag is subjected to an extremely cold substance, usually liquid nitrogen. As a result the tag itself is frozen and is killed, whilst this method is very effective it should be noted that there is usually some discomfort or even pain, induced by the very cold temperatures; especially if the liquid nitrogen is allowed to come into contact with the surrounding skin area.
  • Cutting: A firm favorite for most people, as this is a quick and effective way to remove the skin tags; however, most of the time it is reserved for the smaller type of tags. The area is normally numbed with a local anesthetic and then a surgical scalpel is used to slice off the skin tag. The wound is then dressed to help avoid any contamination.
  • Laser surgery: This method is not used as widely as previously, partly down to the larger costs involved; however, it is thought to still be one of the more effective ways in which to remove the larger skin tags. Similarly to the Cryosurgery the individual might feel a little discomfort or in rarer cases even feel some pain.

It should be noted that most insurance companies will view skin tag removal as a cosmetic procedure, even in the cases when a large skin tag is being removed. With this in mind it is not uncommon for the individual to have to foot the entire cost of having this type of treatment done themselves.

Natural methods:

skin tag removal remedies

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  • Tying: This is one of the more popular home methods of removing a skin tag, here the tag is tied with a piece of strong cotton or sometimes fishing line; it is important to pull it as tight as possible around the skin tag. The blood supply itself is then cut off and after a period of around a week the skin tag will die and fall off. The drawback to this method is that it is nearly impossible to carry it out alone.
  • Duct tape: This is a very low cost option in which the tape is applied to the skin tag. Prior to this the tag and surrounding area should be cleansed thoroughly and left to dry, the duct tape is then cut into a small piece and applied; it should be left on until the skin tag starts to loosen. Obviously depending on the exact location of the skin tag it might not be something that every person will want to do, as it will only serve to highlight the condition further during the removal process.
  • Baking soda: Normally this works best when used in a mixture of castor oil, with the properties of the mixture serving to effectively dry out the skin tag. This should be applied in the form of a paste, directly onto the large skin tag; once applied it should be left to dry. Most individuals will find that they need to repeat these steps twice each day for around a week, after such time the skin tag normally shrinks in size and falls away.