Why do Skin Moles Grow Hair – Causes and Treatment

Why do Skin Moles Grow Hair – Causes and Treatment

Mole hair can be unsightly, especially on facial moles. However there is no reason to think that a mole with hair should be treated any differently than moles without hair.

What are Moles?

Melanocytes cells produce melanin, the pigment which controls hair, skin and eye color. Normally, these cells are spread out around the body, but in some circumstances, they group together forming clumps of cells. When this happens, a mole is formed. There are many different types of moles varying in shapes, size and color. Some are flat whilst others may be slightly elevated from the surface of the skin.

Moles can be congenital (where they appear at birth) or acquired. The main causes of the skin lesions can be defined as either hereditary, sun exposure or hormonal imbalances. You can find more information about causes of skin moles by visiting the link.

Why do They Grow Hair?

what causes hair on molesMoles appear differently because of their color, which is largely due to the concentration of pigment in one area. However, the cells still function in the same way as normal skin cells. This means that if the clumped cells are formed with a hair follicle beneath them, a hair will grow and break through the surface of the skin just as with any other skin cell on the body.

Obviously some areas are more prone to this happening because of the amount of skin follicles in that particular area. Also some follicles may be dormant for some time, meaning a mole can have no hair at all for a number of years, and then one can appear.

What to Do About it

Moles with hair should be treated the same way as any other mole. If there is no cause for immediate concern and the mole in question is not causing embarrassment to the person, it can be left as it is.

In the case where a person may be comfortable with the mole but not the hair, mole hair can be removed. For years, there was a stigma attached to removing the hair from a mole, with many people claiming that it is dangerous to do so. Medical professionals claim that this is not the case though.

The following methods are considered to be acceptable ways to remove hair from moles:

  • Tweezing
  • Shaving
  • Waxing

Are Hairy Moles Dangerous?

Hairy moles are no more dangerous than any other type of mole. If the mole changes size, shape or color then it is cause for concern and medical advice should be sought.

At one such mole was thought to be a sure sign of a cancerous mole. However many professionals are now of the opinion that cancerous cells would destroy the hair follicle, preventing hair from growing.


Removal methods of such moles are the same as those without hair. You can consider surgery, home remedies or over the counter products. As always, before any kind of mole removal, it is vital that the patient consult a doctor to be sure that the mole is safe to be removed and to receive advice on the best methods. In particular, laser surgery should not be performed on a mole which has not been checked out by a medical professional first.