Nail Polish For Skin Tag Removal – a Very Simple Procedure

Nail Polish For Skin Tag Removal – a Very Simple Procedure

Skin tags are benign growths that have the appearance of soft, hanging skin; these skin tags are very common with some people having between 50 and 100 of these growths. They can be removed by a medical procedure or by natural products such as Dermatend; however, this tends to be quite an expensive option and has therefore prompted many people to turn to a common household product to help remove their skin tags. Reports already indicate that the use of nail polish to remove skin tags can be highly effective, with large numbers of people finding success by using it.

It would appear that skin tags become more common as you age, additionally there are some other factors that can affect the number of skin tags an individual might get, and these are:

  • Obesity
  • Normal weight women with larger breasts, the tags can grow underneath the breast area
  • Hereditary factors
  • During pregnancy

How Does Nail Polish Work in the Removal of Skin Tags?

skin tagThe skin tags can be quickly and easily removed by using nail polish, it is important to use clear nail polish, as you won’t want to leave any other unsightly marks on your skin.

The chemical components that are common in nail polish will cause the skin tag to shrink as the nail polish starts to dry out. So after just a few days of applying the clear nail polish you should start to see the skin tag reduce in size until it disappears.

The nail polish is used like any other topical cream or ointment, following this simple procedure will produce the best results:

  • Identify the skin tags that you want to remove
  • Wash the area thoroughly
  • Allow to dry completely
  • Apply the nail polish, ensuring that you completely cover the skin tag
  • Allow to dry naturally

This procedure should be repeated each day, normally after just one week the skin tag will start to reduce in size and then a further week of applying the nail polish should see the skin tag disappear.

Is Nail Polish Safe to Remove Skin Tags?

‘Yes, the nail polish should effective for the safe removal of skin tags, the following care should of course be taken when applying the nail polish:

  • Apply in a well-ventilated room
  • Avoid eye, nose and mouth areas
  • Do not use if skin tag is infected or inflamed
  • Always use clear nail polish

Possible Side Effects of Using Nail Polish For Skin Tags

In the most part there should not be any negative effects of using the nail polish to remove the skin tag, providing you are sensible with the application.

To address any concerns about applying the nail polish onto the skin area it might be worthwhile to apply a small amount onto another skin area, away from the skin tag itself; normally the elbow or fore arm areas are the best for these.

What other Ways Can I Remove Skin Tags?

Aside from undergoing an expensive medical treatment to remove skin tags, there are a few other ways that they can be dealt with; unfortunately some of these don’t prove to be as effective as using nail polish and in some cases can prove to be a painful, these are:

  • Tying tooth floss tightly around the skin tag
  • Physical force with either scissors or nail clippers
  • Herbal or caustic medicines

These methods can be difficult to completed, especially in the case of trying to tie some tooth floss around the skin tag, whilst some people have reported that attempting to cut the skin tag off can be painful to say the least; as well as having to deal with the possibility of infection in that area. When it comes to herbal or caustic medicines then these have a tendency to be expensive and don’t always work quite as well as people would hope. This is perhaps why more and more people are turning to the use of nail polish to help remove their unwanted skin tags.