What Causes and How to Remove Skin Tags on Eyelid

What Causes and How to Remove Skin Tags on Eyelid

A skin tag on eyelid is one of the most common forms of skin tags. This is due to the fact that most skin tags are thought to be caused by friction of skin rubbing against skin or clothing. As the eyes move all the time, the eyelids are also constantly moving, causing friction.

As well as appearing on the eyes, skin tags are also known to be common in other areas such as:

  • Groin
  • Under the breast
  • Under the arms (armpit)
  • Neck
  • Upper chest

eyelidIn all cases, the skin lesions are benign, meaning that they are not cancerous, nor pose any threat in becoming cancerous. The soft, skin colored lumps of skin are generally formed from a mixture of collagen and large blood vessels which have clustered together in an abnormal fashion.

Who Gets Them?

Skin tags on eyelids can form in either males or females at any age. Having said that, they are a particularly common occurrence in young babies and children who rub their eyes a lot, as well as in older people. Also, they appear more in women than men.

In the case of older people, the problem may be exacerbated by the appearance of wrinkles which will add to the friction. Likewise, obese people tend to suffer more from skin tags due to the extra skin. People with diabetes are also known to be prone to the appearance of skin tags as well as pregnant women because of the changes in hormones.


A skin tag on eyelid, like any other skin tag, will present itself as a soft, skin colored bump of tissue that hangs from the skin. It is not common for skin tags to cause pain, although they can become irritating. 

Skin tags on eyelids are normally removed in case the person’s vision becomes affected and for cosmetic reasons. Also, having an extra flap of skin on the eyelid while it is constantly moving can become very disconcerting.


There are various methods of skin tag removal. In the case of skin tags on the eyelids though, it is important that extreme caution be used in any method because of the delicate area and risk of blindness.

  • Natural home remedies for skin tags may be the first port of call for most people as it is cheaper and perhaps safer than other forms of skin tag removal. There are many sites on the internet with people sharing recipes and remedies. None of these remedies are proven to work but it would appear that many have success with them. If choosing one of these treatments, the individual should be extremely careful not to irritate the eye in any way for fear of further complications.
  • Topical treatments – There are a number of over the counter topical treatments designed to remove skin tags. When searching for such ointments, it is important that the instructions are read to see if that particular one is safe for use on the eye area.
  • Surgery – The most expensive option, but also by and large the most successful. The added advantage of surgery, apart from the fact that the procedures are proven, is that a medical professional carries them out.