Why do Skin Tags Appear on the Armpits and How to Avoid Them?

Why do Skin Tags Appear on the Armpits and How to Avoid Them?

For most people they will find that a skin tag or series of skin tags will develop at some time or another, especially in the armpits; but these small rice grain sized growths can appear almost anywhere on the body. On rare occasions they will grow larger and can almost reach the size of grapes for some people; thankfully, however, they are nearly always benign. For this reason they will pose no threat to an individual’s life or well-being.

Sometimes a skin tag might appear on the facial region, especially on the eyelids, as well as under the arms; when this happens they can be a source of embarrassment for the individual concerned. Very often a person might want to have their skin tags removed because of this embarrassment and there are a number of ways to do this, including traditional surgery methods as well as some newer home remedy treatments.

Main Areas Where Skin Tags Can Develop

skin blemishOther than the face or eyelids there are a number of other regions that skin tags can show up, these include:

  • Neck
  • Upper chest
  • Groin
  • Armpits

Why do Skin Tags Appear on the Armpits?

It is thought that underarm skin tags develop as a direct result of the folds or creases of the skin rubbing together, so in other words it is friction that causes these growths of skin to occur.

This tends to be the overriding reason for the appearance of nearly all skin tags, you will be able to see that their location is directly linked to two areas of the skin that constantly rub together.

Steps to Avoid Developing Skin Tags

Scientists are still a little in the dark as to why exactly a skin tag will develop; however may believe that some of the following might well play a factor in these small growths of skin appearing:

  • Lose some weight: Studies have indicated that skin tags are more common in people who have weight issues, so if you are overweight it might be a good idea to try to lose some weight in order to help cut down on the chances of developing skin tags.
  • Control blood sugar levels: It would appear that people who suffer from diabetes are more at risk of developing skin tags, so aside from the other obvious health benefits the control of blood sugar levels can have a positive effect on the likelihood of getting skin tags.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes: As friction is already thought to be one of the main reasons as to why skin tags appear it is sensible to try to avoid wearing clothes that constantly rub against the body.
  • Review your deodorant: Where skin tags develop in the armpit region it might be worthwhile changing your deodorant, some of them contain more oils which can help to stop the skin chaffing together and causing skin tags to develop.
  • Limit your jewellery: Skin tags will develop when the skin is constantly rubbed or irritated, this can easily happen when an individual constantly wears a necklace or chain, it might be more prudent to limit the wearing of this type of jewellery to special occasions if you suffer from skin tags.

beautyOf course there are many other factors that can be seen as contributable for the development of skin tags, with the hormones often being cited as one of the reasons. For many people it is not always possible to control these effectively; however there are normally things that can be avoided that can help.

Very often things like these can help:

  • Avoid consuming fried food on a daily basis
  • Cut down on sugar intake levels, both in beverages and also in sweets
  • Try to eat a healthy balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables
  • Try to avoid and stressful situations
  • Increase dietary fibre levels