What Causes Skin Tags in Groin Area and How to Remove Them

What Causes Skin Tags in Groin Area and How to Remove Them

It would seem that skin tags are becoming more and more common, and often an individual might have somewhere between fifty and one hundred of them. Thankfully they are nearly always benign, so apart from the obvious physical appearance issues they are almost always harmless. It is possible to remove these unsightly skin lesions and there are a number of different options available to carry out this task.

Where do Skin Tags Occur?

Some of the most common places for skin tags to occur are as follows:

  • The neck area
  • The armpits
  • Underneath the breasts, in females
  • On the upper chest, in males
  • On the eyelids
  • In the groin area

 People who suffer from this complaint have a number of different options available for the safe removal of these unsightly skin tags.

Why do Groin Skin Tags Occur?

skin tagPerhaps the most likely cause of skin tags on the groin is the rubbing together of skin against skin. In most cases the skin tag is formed when collagen and blood cells combine, when this is added to an environment where the skin is likely to rub together then the skin tag is formed.

So soft folds in the skin where friction can build up are the most likely source or area for skin tags to appear.

Health Risks for Skin Tags on Groin

Due to the nature of this particular area, many people quite reasonably get concerned when they first notice skin tags on the groin.

These tags are, in fact, harmless, and there should be no risks to an individual’s health should they be unlucky enough to develop skin tags in this delicate area, nor does the growth of them suggest any sexual misbehaviour.

However, there can be some irritation due to the skin rubbing together or friction, for this reason many people take the decision to have these removed. Ordinarily this can be carried out in exactly the same way as the removal of skin tags on other parts of the body is done.

What are the Methods to Remove Groin Skin Tags?

It can be quite simple and easy to remove skin tags that occur in the groin area, some of the most common ways to do so are:

  • Excision, this normally happens after a local anaesthetic is administered to numb the area
  • Ligation, a string is tied around the base of the skin tag, this has the effect of cutting off the blood supply, after a period of time the skin tag will simply fall off
  • Cryotherapy for skin tags, this is the freezing of the skin tag itself by applying liquid nitrogen to them, the cells of the groin skin tags are killed, without effecting other nearby tissue area; the downside to this method is that it can be quite painful
  • Advanced electrolysis, in this method a trained electrologist will treat the area of the skin tag; this is carried out without the need for an anaesthetic. The groin skin tag is removed and the blood supply is cauterized
  • Natural skin tag removal methods.

Will the Groin Skin Tags Reappear?

There is no evidence that skin tags will come back once removed; of course if the skin tag occurred in an area where the skin constantly rubs together then there is a chance of others appearing; however, this will not be as the result of removal of the initial skin tag.


There are other methods of removing skin tags from non-groin areas, such as the neck or chest; these methods can involve the use of over the counter medicine and remedies, including salicylic acid and even nail polish remover. Because of the sensitive nature of the groin area, it is important that these methods are not used for the removal of groin skin tags.