How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Remove Warts

How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Remove Warts

Tea tree oil is thought to be one of the best natural wart removal remedies available; furthermore, it can be used at home for maximum convenience. The odd wart here and there probably doesn’t cause an individual too much of an issue; however, if these skin lesions grow on the facial areas or in larger numbers on other parts of the body then the individual concerned might well suffer from some confidence issues. Thankfully the wart itself won’t pose any threat to a person’s health; other than perhaps the aforementioned confidence issues.

Of course, there are a vast number of alternative methods that can be called upon to rid an individual of this nasty skin disorder; however, when it comes to the likes of medical procedures it can be quite an expensive time. Many insurance companies wash their hands of any claims as they suggest the wart removal process is performed on cosmetic grounds rather than any medical necessity.


The method of applying the tee tree oil is not only very easy; it is also one of the most cost effective ways of helping to remove those annoying warts. The all-natural products that make up tea tree oil contain an excellent antiseptic as well as being rich in anti-fungal and antiviral properties. The following method is best applied each morning:

  • tea tree oilAlways ensure that the treatment area is thoroughly cleansed and dried, prior to applying the tea tree oil.
  • In the case of the feet, the oil can normally be applied directly onto the warts; this is because the skin here is thicker than in other areas of the body. Should there be any skin irritation it is possible to dilute the tea tree oil by up to 50 per cent, this can be done with either Aloe Vera gel or water.
  • For other places on the body it is best to start off with a 50 per cent mix of the tee tree oil, with the Aloe Vera gel. This is because the skin is more likely to become dry and susceptible to irritation. Depending on how the skin reacts it is possible to mix either more or less tea tree oil, which will help to speed up the wart removal process; do not be tempted to make the solution overly strong as this will almost lead to some sensitivity issues.
  • band aid wartsAt night time the process can be complimented further by soaking a small piece of gauze in the tea tree oil and Aloe Vera mixture, this can then be applied to the wart area and held in place by a band aid. Again it is important to ensure that the area is clean and dry before applying the tee tree oil mix.
  • Genital warts can also be treated; however in this case it is vital that they are checked to ensure that there are no open or irritated skin nearby, as this is very likely to be the source of significant discomfort or pain. Simply clean the area concerned, then apply a pre-soaked piece of gauze to the wart area; this is to be left on overnight, in some cases it might be possible to affix the gauze with the help of a band aid or similar.

It is very likely that an individual will start to notice a reduction in the size of their warts after the first week or so; when this happens it is important to continue with the process until such a point as the wart has completely gone. For most people this tends to happen around the 4-6 week period.


The above tea tree oil warts removal method can be a great, cost effective, home based remedy; however, should irritation occur it is important to lower the element of tea tree oil that is being used. In rare cases it might be necessary to seek medical advice should the irritation not go down after a reduction in the tea tree oil that is being used.